Metal bending


Universal bending press. After more than 5,000 installations in Europe, Amada in 2015. has announced the third generation of HF bending presses - This model is for the customer who is looking for the basics of machine tool bending operations and simple, uncomplicated use.
Simple and easy to use, AMADA combines all the necessary features for quality bending. It is a truly versatile machine with a capacity of 1000 kN and a bending length of 3m that meets all modern requirements. Made in France. Amada with over 60 years of development experience.

The HFET2 has CNC control with a color touch screen and is available with a G-type 2-axis rear support. Of course, these presses are equipped with Amada’s patented Instant Reactive Beam compensation system, which ensures parallel bending, regardless of material type, thickness and bend length.
AMADA HFET2 combines all the necessary functions for quality bending.